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Member Login

The members-only section will be completed in time for the spring newsletter. As soon as it's completed, we'll send each member a username and password. Until then, we need your help with some projects:

Mailing List Updates:

All members should have recently received a dues request including a contact update section. Even if you don't owe dues, please update the contact information as necessary and complete the areas of interest/expertise section. Return it in the self-addressed/stamped envelope. If you've lost the envelope, download this response form and e-mail it to me at the address below. It also includes the Prospective Member Referral requests described in the next section. We are planning to send a complete member roster with the summer newsletter, and it would be helpful if our members knew something about one another's professional/planning interests.

As for e-mail addresses, if you have an account and have not yet supplied it, please send that information to me directly at crissy.goodson@gmail.com. We hope to improve and expand our member communications using the Internet and e-mail in the future.

Prospective Member Referrals:

We would like to ask each member for the name of a minimum of one colleague/friend/family member who is interested in planning and would like to participate in IHPP or attend the workshop. E-mail addresses are preferred, but a street address is fine if that's all that's available. If you know of an organization whose members might be interested but don't have a specific contact, list the organization name and we'll track it down on the Internet. Please send any suggestions to the P.O. Box listed below or download this response form (Select “Save” from the dialogue box or “Save As” from the File menu), filling in the bordered text boxes and e-mailing it to me as an attachment at crissy.goodson@gmail.com. It also contains the Professional/Planning Interests request described in the section above.

Web Site Updates:

We are planning to have the members-only section of the Web site in place by the spring newsletter. All members who have supplied an e-mail address will receive a user name and password when it's ready. We also plan to expand the Web site to include features such as a links section and a calendar containing of-interest events. Any contributions would be appreciated. Please send any suggestions to the P.O. Box listed below, or e-mail them to crissy.goodson@gmail.com.

We'd also like to promote IHPP by taking advantage of our members' expertise on so many planning topics by including:

Please contact Crissy Goodson with your ideas, submissions and suggestions at crissy.goodson@gmail.com, at 314.503.2923 or through the IHPP P.O. Box. Thanks for your help!

Our (New-ish)Address:

P.O. Box 704
Wildwood, MO 63040
Phone: 636.391.3002
E-mail: members@ihpp.org

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