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Some of Dick Muther's planning publicationsThe IHPP, founded by Dick Muther, PE, CMC, PCMH, ScD(hc) is a select group of professionals who are interested in planning as an everyday activity, as a system, as a science, as an art form.

The institute is a small, informal group by design. Members include educators, consultants and managers from around the world.


•   Advance the importance and the
•   methods of planning ? for all activities.
•   Improve planning methods to achieve better
•   performance for all planners.


Some of Dick Muther's planning publications•   To create an environment for
•   sharing planning philosophies.
•   To discover and develop planning concepts and methods.
•   To distribute the results of these discoveries and
•   developments.

IHPP is the primary advocate of pre-planned ? high performance ? planning, or Planning by Design (PxD).

Planning by Design

•   Is effective and efficient plan making.
•   Is the process of determining in advance what you should
?   or intend to do, and of accomplishing this in a manner
•   that is proficient, productive, perceptive, practical and
•   profitable.
•   Is applying the art and science of process improvement
•   specialists and work flow simplifiers to the mental,
•   manual and emotional process of planning.


The 2017 IHPP Workshop is being planned for the spring or early summer. Please check back for the final dates.

Board member Dr. Hakan Bütüner's new book, Systematic Strategic Planning, has been published by CRC Press.

Bütüner's book cover
Click on the book cover to read an abstract.

For ordering information, please e-mail Hakan Bütüner or contact IHPP.


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