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2012 Workshop
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Planning by Design




Annual Workshops
2012 - Planning by Design Complete

Planning by Design Advanced/Definitive Edition

Friday, April 30, 1:00 - 4:30 pm

Author & Presenter
Hakan Bütüner

May 1, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Professional Development Seminars

Carriage Club
5301 State Line Rd.
Kansas City, Missouri 64112

Attendees had the chance to hear Dick Muther's analysis of his own 17th book, Planning by Design, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Our colleague from Turkey, Hakan Bütüner, walked us through the new book and manual chapter by chapter, page by page, offering his interpretation of Planning by Design and the practical applications of the many diagrams and charts.

Ninety-eight years young, Dick Muther supplied his own commentary, drawing on real-world examples from his more than 60 years in business, and from more than 2,000 projects by Dick, his colleagues and IHPP members, across 20 different countries.

Workshop Outline

Foreword, Introduction & Acknowledgements

Part One - Understanding Planning

Chapter 1 - Concept of Planning
Chapter 2 - Formula for Planning
Chapter 3 - Systematic Planning

Part Two - Short-Form Planning by Design

Chapter 4 - The Essence of Planning by Design (PxD)
Chapter 5 - What and/or How
Chapter 6 - Define the Subject Area
Chapter 7 - Determine the Fundamentals
Chapter 8 - Develop the Working Model
Chapter 9 - Put It Together

Part Three - Full & Extended Versions of PxD

Chapter 10 - Framework of Phases & Pattern of Procedures
Chapter 11 - Sets of Conventions
Chapter 12 - Full PxD Advantage
Chapter 13 - Extended Version

Part Four - Specific Project Planning

Chapter 14 - When a Working Model Exists
Chapter 15 -
When the Working Model Needs to be Developed
Chapter 16 - The PxD Advantage


Part Five - Appendices

I - Glossary
II - How Well Do You Know PxD? - Questionnaire
III - Planning Organizations - Comparisons
IV - Degrees of PxD Proficiency - Guidance

Group Discussion - led by Dick

  • How do Lean and Lean Startup concepts relate to PxD?
  • Discussion evolved into how to market the IHPP materials. IHPP has been focused on the planning process and has not been aggressive in selling the materials.
  • Dick asked a question: "What's the difference between applying PxD, and developing a planning model?" Answer: You must be more knowledgeable to develop a model. You need the experience of struggling through the event before you can develop a model. Dick then supplied worksheets us to develop plans.


If you'd like to purchase Planning by Design, please contact us: IHPP • P.O. Box 704 • Wildwood, MO 63040 • Phone: (636) 391-3002 • E-mail: information@ihpp.org


The 2016 IHPP Workshop is being planned for the spring or early summer. Please check back for the final dates.

We're happy to announce that board member Dr. Hakan Bütüner's new book, Systematic Strategic Planning, has been published by CRC Press.

Bütüner's book cover
Click to read an abstract.

For ordering information, please e-mail Hakan Bütüner or contact IHPP.

Hakan Bütüner introduces his new book Systematic Strategic Planning at the 2013 workshop.

Dick Muther and Hakan Bütüner Launch Definitive Planning by Design at the 2012 workshop.

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