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Annual Workshops
2011 - Professional Development Sessions

Muther preparing for his Q&A

Dick fielded questions about "Plan to be Lucky" and went through several planning exercises with the group.

Dick explained that he is developing a 5-day course on the advantages of "Planning by Design." Clients would be coached and then helped to plan the project before they know its specifics. This enables a faster start-up.

Dick identifies misunderstandings between various people and/or groups working on projects as the biggest implementation problem at most companies. Poorly defined requirements frequently result in suboptimal results.

Asked about Multiple Careers Planning, Dick explained that it has been delivered about 15 times. While the course is not really a motivator, it provides a plan that individuals can develop themselves. The student is in charge. The name of the course may change to "My Game Plan."

Ann Vernon at the piano with the group

Ann Vernon, our suprise guest, illuminates Dick's New Book with Music.

Dick's long-time editor/proofreader and assistant, Ann Vernon, dropped by to perform a song to the tune of "The Best Things in Life are Free," from the Broadway musical, Good News. Dick had, of course written new words for it: "Good Luck Can Come to Everyone."
To see the new lyric, click here.

Abeyta's Presentation

2010 Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Conference Planning Summary - Leonard Abeyta, presenter, Redmond, Washington

Invited by Jaime Hernandez, Abeyta walked the group through a detailed account of the original planning of the SHPE Conference, and the "re-planning" and re-organization necessary to ensure its success. Click here for the PowerPoint presentation. Click here for Leonard's CV.

Lee Hales

Developing a Multiple Media Traing Program - Lee Hales, presenter, High Performance Concepts, Inc.

Lee presented a sophisticated multi-phase training project taken on by High Performance Concepts. The assignment required complicated planning to accommodate the needs of many different students, functioning and learning at different levels.

Requirements included comprehensive learning and reading assessments, multilingual staff and the development of both all-inclusive and job-specific training materials and exhaustive health and safety procedure training, available in multiple mediums, print, audio and video.

Lee then led the group in a discussion to identify the appropriate terms and language to name and define this unusual job. Click here for Lee's worksheet.

Bill Meeker

Bill Meeker suggested that IHPP needs as model of being.

Bill Meeker and Francois Sauer discussed criteria that would need to be established in order to define a model of being in IHPP terms. They discussed issues such as:

•  What is the model of being in IHPP?
•  Is it development of the mind?
•  Development of the faculties?
•  What is the heart and soul?
•  What is the spirit of being?
•  What is the working model of being (body, mind, spirit)?


The 2016 IHPP Workshop is being planned for the spring or early summer. Please check back for the final dates.

We're happy to announce that board member Dr. Hakan Bütüner's new book, Systematic Strategic Planning, has been published by CRC Press.

Bütüner's book cover
Click to read an abstract.

For ordering information, please e-mail Hakan Bütüner or contact IHPP.

Hakan Bütüner introduces his new book Systematic Strategic Planning at the 2013 workshop.

Dick Muther and Hakan Bütüner Launch Definitive Planning by Design at the 2012 workshop.

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