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2009 Workshop
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Annual Workshops
2010 - Professional Development Sessions

Hakan Bütüner

Establishing a Formal Planning Course in a University Curriculum - Hakan Bütüner, presenter, Bahçeehir University (Instanbul, Turkey)

This was the first annual workshop Hakan Bütüner had been able to attend since 2006. His presentation outlined his approach to developing and introducing the first planning course for MBA students at his university in Turkey. His supporting materials included a detailed course description, syllabus and students' case studies.

Jay Forrest

Utilizing Visual Approaches for Mapping Problems - Jay Forrest, presenter (San Antonio, Texas)

Forrest outlined the importance of using visual and graphic tools to present planning issues. Because the mind only deals well with three to five items at a time, the planning process can seem vast, complex and overwhelming. Visual maps, in a variety of forms, can enable individuals to comprehend and focus on a larger number of variables, clarifying issues, improving communication and building consensus.

Jaime Hernandez

Planning by Design: An Occupational Safety & Health Case Application - Jaime Hernandez, presenter, University of Texas (San Marcos, Texas)

Jaime presented a case study using the Planning by Design methodology to develop an Occupational Safety and Health project in the biopharmaceutical industry. He concluded his presentation by leading a discussion evaluation the applicability of PxD in this context.


Hakan Bütüner introduces his new book "Systematic Strategic Planning" at the 2013 workshop.

Dick Muther and Hakan Bütüner Launch Definitive "Planning by Design" at the 2012 workshop.

IHPP Chairman Larry Goodson Re- Elected to Wildwood, Missouri City Council.

Martin Nazareth of OpEx Solutions, Inc., Joins IHPP.

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