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2013 Workshop
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2012 Workshop
  PxD Complete
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2011 Workshop
  Plan to be Lucky
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2010 Workshop
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2009 Workshop
  PxD Introduction
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Planning by Design




Annual Workshops
2010 - Group Exercises

Project Team Selection Exercise

What is wrong with this project planning team?

•  They all look alike - not much diversity.
•  No external inputs.
•  No person in charge.
•  Even numbers of people do not work well to get results.

How well do you know Planning by Design?

1.  What is the meaning of PxD? Planning by Design
2.  What is the formula for planning anything? D1: Discern, D2: Devise, D3: Decide
3.  What is the most distinguishing feature of PxD? Generates a working model
4.  The masterguides are based on: The size of the project
5.  Name the three PxD masterguides. Short form, full form and extended
6.  Fill in the number of phases for masterguides in #5. 1, 4, 6+
7.  The PxD fundamentals are of (or for): The subject area
8.  Name 3 primary benefits of PxD. Avoids miscommunication, faster, more accurate
9.  How many phases are there in masterguide "Fundamentals in Parallel?" Six
10.  If APA targets on the "product" - good communities and PMI targets on the "performance" - good project management, IHPP targets on: Process of planning
11.  Applying an already-designed PxD working model is quite a different thing from (FILL IN THE BLANK) a working model. Developing a model
12.  What would you say are the “Fundamentals” of PxD itself? Subject Area, masterguide and working model



Hakan Bütüner introduces his new book "Systematic Strategic Planning" at the 2013 workshop.

Dick Muther and Hakan Bütüner Launch Definitive "Planning by Design" at the 2012 workshop.

IHPP Chairman Larry Goodson Re- Elected to Wildwood, Missouri City Council.

Martin Nazareth of OpEx Solutions, Inc., Joins IHPP.

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