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Annual Workshops
2009 - Professional Development Sessions

How to Plan a Family Vacation — Pauline McClymonds, presenter

Pauline outlined an excellent example of the manner in which planning is important for every activity, professional or personal. When planning a multi-generational family trip including family members scattered throughout the country, she applied the six step planning process to evaluate and accomodate multiple tastes, abilities and time constraints.

The Concept of TRIZ — Lubomir Popov, presenter

Lubo gave an overview of TRIZ, a technique used in Russia to help brainstorm alternative creative/innovative mechanical designs in the 1970s. He feels that TRIZ may be an area of research and development for those interested in management systems.

TRIZ uses an algorithm based on a study of 40,000 Russian patents and how they were developed. The system identifies 39 parameters that define contradictions in design development. The contradictions are then studied and resolved, without compromising the final design.

Planning for Change — Bob Liepold, presenter

Bob has worked in the telecommunications industry for more than four decades and consequently, is intimately familiar with the concept of rapid and necessary change. Starting in the telephone industry, he moved on to satellite and direct TV, to video conferencing, and then to television, when he purchased a TV station in 1987. Today, his former station is the fastest growing station in the Kansas City market.

According to Liepold, change is a part of the equation in the television industry, with constant adjustments necessary to accomodate fluid political, financial, technology and competetive factors. For example, when he started on the air, all televisions were analog. When the FCC mandated that all stations begin broadcasting in digital format and change all frequencies, his station found it necessary to run parallel analog and digital systems for two years to ensure customer coverage. Because there are no fixed models in this type of business, Liepold emphasizes that mission statements and strategic plans must be reviewed more frequently, and budgets must be reviewed on a monthly, rather than quarterly or yearly, basis.

Now retired, Liepold has found the principles of planning for change applicable to his oyster farm in Mexico. Its success depends on the daily evaluation of factors such as red tide, water temperature and the fluctuating price of oysters.


Hakan Bütüner introduces his new book "Systematic Strategic Planning" at the 2013 workshop.

Dick Muther and Hakan Bütüner Launch Definitive "Planning by Design" at the 2012 workshop.

IHPP Chairman Larry Goodson Re- Elected to Wildwood, Missouri City Council.

Martin Nazareth of OpEx Solutions, Inc., Joins IHPP.

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